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Moses Jangam, Age 52, Evangelist, involved in preaching ministry/ also prophecy, healing and discernment. Began doing ministry in Hyderabad and eventually reached out to other parts of the world. Born and brought up by a devout Christian parents, Mr. J Joseph/ Mrs. Grace Bai, paternal and maternal grand fathers were Pastors in Lutheran Church.

Was raised as a good believer of Lord Jesus Christ. Attended Hebron Church for major part of his life, now ministering to all sections of people. Has gone through severe sicknesses, like arthritis, asthma and emotional trauma all through the life which resulted in drawing closer to God. Was known for playing Christian music and singing in the young days of life. Eventually went on to study Computers then MBA and later studied theology from USA.

In the year 1992, finished MBA, then worked in few Multi-National Companies, in the field of Marketing, then started an own business sometime in 1994, as a dealer for Kirloskar Cummins Industrial generators, was able to do a very successful business.

In December, 1996, was touched by a powerful visitation of God, saw a dazzling bright light and saw Jesus in a vision and heard the voice of the Lord, this visitation has transformed the life and purpose.

Since then been involved in ministry of Lord Jesus Christ, for about 20 years, God has been doing many miracles through the prayers, like the sick people being healed, pain’s subsided, tumor’s disappeared. People in distress comforted, many received salvation. Believes in Triune God/ Bible/ Believers Creed/ Miracles/ Speaking in Tongues/ Interpretation of Tongues/ Prophetic Ministry/ Casting out Demons/ Healings/ Baptism by water & spirit, etc. Respects other denominations also, but stands against cults.

Ministered in several countries like USA/ UAE/ Tanzania/ Kenya/ Rwanda/ Uganda/ Burundi / Malaysia/ Indonesia/ Singapore/ Srilanka / Nepal and also in India and in several churches and groups.

At present doing the same, involving in praying for the needy, preaching in depth prophetic messages, counselling, delivering accurate prophesies, as the Lord enables. Many can come and be blessed to receive God’s blessings through this ministry.

Personal Details: Divorced, Father went to be with the Lord in 2002, mother living and strong, aged 83 years, has 3 Sisters as siblings – all living abroad.

At present living in LB Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana.

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