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Born on July 25, 1967, Moses Jangam is a 55-year-old evangelist who has been actively involved in the ministry moving in the power of God and gifting of the Holy Spirit (preaching, prophecy, healing, and discernment). Pastor Moses’s journey began as a minister, in Hyderabad and gradually spread throughout India before arriving in various parts of the world. He was raised by devoted Christian parents, Mr. J. Joseph, a lecturer and lawyer by trade, and Mrs. Grace Bai, a math teacher at Hyderabad’s Stanley School before becoming a theology instructor at a Bible college. Remarkably, his maternal and paternal grandparents were Lutheran pastors who ministered in different Andhra Pradesh locations.

Bro.Moses was raised in a deeply religious family and spent the majority of his childhood attending Hebron Church. Since then, he has broadened his ministry to include various communities and denominations. His personal struggles with life-threatening illnesses, psychological trauma, and ailments like asthma and arthritis brought him closer to God and gave him empathy for other people’s hardships. He was well-known in the beginning for his musical abilities, both singing and playing Christian music.

Moses pursued his education in broad range of subjects. In 1992, he started working for multinational corporations in marketing & management roles after having earned his Masters in Business Administration academic degree. He eventually launched his own prosperous career in 1994 as a dealer of Kirloskar Cummins Industrial Power Generators through his own start-up business.   However, his life took a completely different turn in November 1996 following a profound and life-changing visitation from God, during which he saw Jesus in a vision, heard the voice of the Lord, and had his purpose redefined.

For over two decades since this visitation, Moses has dedicated himself to the ministry of Lord Jesus Christ. He has witnessed miraculous healings, alleviation of pain, disappearance of cancerous tumors, and comfort for distressed & oppressed individuals through his prayers. His beliefs encompass the Triune God, Bible, Believers Creed, miracles, speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophetic ministry, deliverance, healings, and baptism by water and the Spirit. Moses extends respect to various denominations but firmly stands against cults. 

The area where he was raised saw that a large portion of gospel outreach was directed toward the few living in cities at other favorable settings. So, he had to step outside of his comfort zone in order to fulfill the burden of reaching the unreachable, taking the gospel to the lost, underprivileged and those who are suffering from ailments.

Obeying the Lord’s great commission to reach the ends of the Earth, and burden for the perishing he has visited several Nations and ethnic groups like United Arab Emirates, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Al Ain, and countries in Africa including Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. Apart from the others like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and United States of America delivering in-depth prophetic messages, counseling, and offering accurate prophecies as guided by the Lord.  

Another reason for visiting different places countries is the widespread emergence of cults, it was imperative to uphold sound doctrine and the gospel while correctly dividing the Word of truth. 

Beulah, Hepsibah, and Sudha, his siblings, reside in the United States with their families and children.

Moses is currently the Executive Director of Springs Ministries, residing in Sahara Road, LB Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. He invites participation in online prayer sessions named as ‘Let’s Pray’ through Zoom.

For insights into his beliefs, doctrines, and life perspectives, reaching out directly via his phone number (+91 9885165583) is advisable. Engaging in a phone & Whats App conversation is the ideal way to connect, and you can also request a prayer specific to your needs.

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